domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009


My dear friend Lamberto Palmart did a sensitive reflection & painting about what the Fallas represents for the valencianos. This year I did not enjoy the traditional and beloved Fallas valencianas because in those days we did a family trip to USA. We visited my daughter who studies in N.C. State (Raleigh, North Carolina). And we also spent some nice days in NY city.

Once back to Valencia I just wanna give my regards to my friends and specially to Lamberto Palmart, Galderich, Marco Fabricio Ramírez, Katerina, Francesco & Claudia, Rui Lopes. I really appreciate your comments. Also to Cristina and Daniel (thanks to take care about her, you are really a great guy!!).

While getting better from the jet lag, I will think about the next article for my dear readers.
North Carolina State's library. Student reading Diego Mallen's website.

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Galderich dijo...

Wellcome dear Diego. See you to two weeks or less.
PD. My english is very bad.

lamberto palmart dijo...

My dear friend Diego,take a rest of your trip.I Thought to visit your favorite blogs from USA. Thanks for your reference to my article.

Bibliophiles greetings.

P.S. And sorry for my limited english.

Rui Martins dijo...

My dear friend Diego.
I hope sincerely you had enjoyed your family trip to USA and the visit and the pleasure of seeing your daughter.
Take a rest of your trip and write to us a new beautiful and interesting article (as always!)

Xavier Caballé dijo...

Welcome back from the Carolinas. I worked at the RTP, North Carolina, for eighteen months! It's a really nice state. You've choosen the best season to travel there... starting late April the weather is really hot.

Diego Mallén dijo...

My dear friends Galderich, Lamberto, Rui & Xavier: thank you very much for your comments. Already recovered I am preparing the following article. I wait you will like it.

Bibliophiles regards.

cris! dijo...

wau!!! that is such an international blog, isn't it??? hahahaha!!
I'm glad i can also improve my english here...!
well, just wanna say hi!!
& much love!!